Why Partner with Careage?

We are Professional

We are committed to ongoing training and development of our staff. By partnering with local hospitals and universities, we offer many continuing education opportunities to ensure that our employees have access to the most modern and effective treatment modalities. We utilize our in-house experts to create customized training programs for our staff and for the community at large. When you partner with Careage Home Health, you can feel comfortable knowing that your patients will have excellent care with the highest standards of clinical judgment and professional ethics.

We are Knowledgeable

Our staff has the perfect combination of expertise and experience to provide your patients with excellent outcomes. Working closely with prominent orthopedic surgeons and other health care professionals, we have developed our custom care and communications protocols. These protocols streamline care and communications between patients, their clinicians and physicians, and the Careage Home Health staff. These proven processes save time and provide all parties involved with a clear plan of care for the post-surgical treatment of their patients.

We Care

We provide our staff with the training and authority to make important decisions with their patients, and we support them with effective internal communications. Each of our therapists, clinicians, and caregivers has direct access to key decision makers of our company and we encourage them to provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t. By working closely with our staff and listening to their input, we can adjust our programs and offerings to make sure that our partners are getting the services they need, and the outcomes they expect.